Kris Drever – Bongo Club, Edinburgh – 8 April 2010

A bit of a disappointment unfortunately L  .  I’m not a fan of his band Lau but Kris has a reputation as a fine guitarist and singer so I thought I’d take a chance to go and see him knowing hardly anything about his music (expect a few things on YouTube, particularly a great version of ‘Shady Grove’).  Taking Jan along was a mistake with hindsight !  It was a sedate, sit-down (well we had to stand) affair with a mature dedicated folk type audience.  Kris appeared with Anna Massie who backed him on guitar, mandolin, fiddle and vocals and played two sets.  I can’t tell you much about the second set and encore(s?) because Jan and I left after two songs of the second set.  Walking out becoming a bad habit for us!  While we could appreciate the fine musicianship, the songs were pretty dour and earnest … Kris’s voice is quite strong, but a bit monotonous.  After the first set we thought it might liven up but after two songs of the second set we both thought better of staying with them to the end.  Nothing against Kris or Anna, nice traditional Scottish sounding stuff with lovely guitar work … but ultimately pretty boring and not to our taste.  Sorry !  5/10


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