First Aid Kit – Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh – 19 Feb 2010

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Gig of the decade (so far), official!  I had heard of First Aid Kit for a fair while being a fan of Scandinavian music, so was really looking forward to this.  I told Jan they would be a bit special, but I didn’t realise quite how much.

Klara & Johanna Söderberg are two young sisters (16 & 19) from Sweden who make simple folk music with an Americana flavour (but so much more interesting than you would think).  It’s their superb singing and harmonies that really make it great and the simplicity of their songs and arrangements adds to the charm and intimacy, especially in a live setting.  Sneaky Pete’s is a tiny club and I think the sell out audience were expecting something nice so the atmosphere was perfect.

From the first to last note we were all spellbound, surprised and delighted at just how beautiful the sound was of their lovely songs and perfect harmonies. Never heard anything quite as good as this in this genre. Such mature voices and material from ones so young. When they stepped in front of the mics to sing ‘Ghost Town’ without amplification, with Jan and I right in front, the effect was magical. And for their encore they stepped into the middle of us to sing ‘Waltz For Richard’, yet another unforgettable moment. Cloud 9!

10/11 – Attended by George & Jan

Great Gig review at TheArtsDesk

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