I wasn’t quite sure what this WordPress blog would end up being about? It turns out it’s all about my businesses, my music and my fishing, including my music production business, and my band The Postcards, but mainly as a reminder to me about which gigs I’ve been to and have upcoming in case I completely forget due to senility! Theres’s a long list of gig reviews, back to when I started keeping records in 2006, and a few before that back to my youth, the more memorable ones … that will take me a while to finish updating. I’m sure I’ll think of other things to add in time.

You might notice that I give gigs scores out of 11. This is a personal ranking simply for for me to remember what I thought in my senile dotage. I’m not a professional music critic so please don’t take them personally!  I started scoring normally, out of 10, but then I realised that gave me nowhere to go, like other reviewers. So I got myself a new scoring system, and if I want to go even better than other reviewers … I can go up to 11! See my scoring definitions below.

If you want to contact me then feel free to comment on any of the pages or articles or via contact form below.  I’m also on other social media places as ‘georgeglen’ on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram.

Gig Scoring –

11. Off the scale, reserved for something I can’t even imagine (yet)!
10. Incredible! One of a small number of my best EVER gigs
9. Brilliant, Fantastic, Amazing, Awesome … but not best ever
8. Very Good
7. Pretty good
6. OK – not bad
5. Not quite ok – a bit meh
4. Not impressed
3. Didn’t like it at all
2. Hated it
1. Absolutely terrible, among the few worst ever EVER gigs


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